Large band 10cm 30W 8Ω

Artno: 574786

489 kr (inkl. moms)



The Eminence Alpha 3-8 is a truly versatile compact full-range driver perfectly suited for tight fitting pro audio line array and column array applications. With a program power rating of 60 watts, this 3" driver utilizes an 8.3 oz ferrite magnet in conjunction with an internal neodymium bucking magnet for increased sensitivity and extends the response out to 20kHz. The highly pressed cone sandwiches paper with a layer of water-resistant polypropylene for increased stiffness and lower distortion.

- Cabinet impedance (Ω) : 8 Ω

- Power : 30 W

- Speaker diameter : 3"

- Weight (kg) : 0,41 kg

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