Large strip 54x54mm 20W 8Ω

Artno: 574856

899 kr (inkl. moms)



New to the American Standard Series is the Alpha 2 full range driver. Ideal for tight fitting column and line array applications, the Alpha 2 features a 0.64” copper voice coil and 2.7 oz. ferrite magnet. With under spider venting and a flux source cap, this 8 ohm driver lets the heat out while containing the magnetic flux, which is critical for multi-unit designs packed tightly together. Rated at 30 watts program power, the Alpha 2 has a wide usable frequency range of 200 Hz – 20 kHz.

- Cabinet impedance (Ω) : 8 Ω

- Power : 20 W

- Speaker diameter : 2"

- Weight (kg) : 0,18 kg

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