Black Spirit 200 Floor

Det här är en riktigt fet gitarrförstärkare i pedalformat som ger hela 200 W.

The Black Spirit 200 Floor combines the exhilarating range of sounds and features and the immense power of the award-winning Black Spirit 200 head, and adds in the incredibly practical switching and controlling functions of the FSM-432 MK III MID Board. The MIDI Board is not just there to switch presets, though. The Stompbox Mode allows you to switch channels directly, and to activate modulation effects, delay and boost independently. In the all-new Direct 7 mode, you can assign one preset to each of the board’s seven buttons to access seven presets directly, without having to change banks or anything else. And it also offers two ¼” jack inputs to connect expression pedals or single footswitches. Both inputs are freely assignable to remote control any pot and/or switch on the amp in real-time.

And there’s more: besides the integrated MIDI Board, the Black Spirit 200 Floor offers two all-new features that make life on stage as easy as it can get. There are two programmable true bypass pre-loops available, allowing players to fully integrate their favorite pedals into their setup without compromising on the amp’s true tone. Meanwhile, the adjustable Monitor In allows you to blend your personal FOH monitor mix to your amp signal and send it to the integrated headphones out or even to the speaker out.

With the App for iPad and Android connected via Bluetooth, you can manage way more than just presets. The App’s key advantage is that it lets you visually monitor all of the amp’s parameters in real-time and remotely control all of those parameters, also in real-time. With a tablet mounted to your mic stand, you get real stand-up control with direct access to the Black Spirit 200 Floor; no need to bend down to adjust your tone. 

With ultimate ease of use, the convenient stand-up remote control, and the tones, feel and power of a real amp, the Black Spirit 200 Floor offers a whole new performance experience. It simply is another amp like no amp before!

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