8x10 1400 W Classic Black 4 ohms


8x10 1400 W Classic Black 4 ohms

Artno: 463719

42 999 kr (inkl. moms)



A thunderous combination of aggressive midrange with extended lows for a ferocious “B” string. Roll off the custom Aguilar tweeter for an aggressive “P Bass with a pick” tone. The DB 810 is one of the loudest bass cabinets on the market, providing a Max SPL of 136 dB! Tilt back handles and rear wheels make this huge sounding cabinet easy to move and rear skid rails allow you to leverage it into your vehicle without ever having to lift it.

- Cabinet : Straight

- Cabinet impedance (Ω) : 4 Ω

- Category : Bass cabinet

- Dimensions (mm) : 116 x 61 x 45

- Input : 2 x jack, Speakon

- Power : 1 400 W

- Speaker diameter : 8 x 10"

- Weight (kg) : 66 kg

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