2 L3-112FA, 2 LSUB-1500A, covers, stands


2 L3-112FA, 2 LSUB-1500A, covers, stands

Artno: 545642

47 999 kr (inkl. moms)



When a band pulls up at a bar, small club or youth center, it hopes to find a decent house PA in the venue. Those hopes are often dashed. If your band regularly plays gigs like this and you want to take control over your sound, then opt for the LINEAR 3 Compact Venue Pack. Its awesome audio performance is sure to wow your audiences. The combination of two L3 112 FA mid/high units and two L Sub 1500 A subwoofers delivers plenty of punch for a band with a classic four or five-piece lineup to easily entertain up to 300 people. In just a few simple steps, you’ll have your compact LINEAR 3 system set up and dialed in. Achieving superb sound is a quick-and-easy drill with preset buttons on the back of the speakers and smart DSP filter settings. The LINEAR 3 Compact Venue Pack fits in your band’s van with room to spare – you can even get it in the trunk of a car. This pack comes with peace of mind built in, so you can look forward to your weekend gigs without a worry in the world.


• 2 x L3 112 FA

• 2 x L Sub 1500 A

• 2 x L3 112 FA Covers

• 2 x LINEAR Sub 1500 A Covers

• 2 x Speaker Poles

- Accessories included : Protective cover, Pole

- Category : Complete system

- Output : Link XLR, XLR mix out, XLR satellites

- Power supply : AC Adapter

- Sat - Dimensions (mm) : 360 x 660 x 367

- Sat - Dispersion (H x V) : 90° x 55°

- Sat - Frequency response : 64 Hz - 18 kHz

- Sat - Speakers : 12"

- Sat - Weight : 21,50 kg

- Sat - max SPL : 135 dB

- Tweeter : 1"

- Type : Amplified

- Weight (kg) : 102,60 kg

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