Active 2x12
Active 2x12
Active 2x12
Active 2x12

L Sub 2000 A

Active 2x12" 1200W subwoofer

Artno: 436957

25 149 kr (inkl. moms)



Equipped with a sixth-order double bandpass crossover, the L Sub 2000 A is the perfect reinforcement for L5 tops. Its lowend performance in the 50-120 Hz range is most impressive. It sports two 12″ high-excursion woofers. This speaker’s 2.5″ voice coil comes with a state-of-the-art cooling system and a dual spider suspension to keep it perfectly centered. A newly developed 1,200-watt, Class-D power amp drives these speakers.

- Dimensions (mm) : 510 x 810 x 610

- Finishing : Black

- Power : 1 200 W

- Powered : Yes

- Speaker diameter : 2 x 12"

- Weight (kg) : 47,50 kg

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